Dry Van Trucking

Dry Van Trucking is basically an empty container with doors on the back and usually carry product handled by forklifts or possibly by hand. Often the freight being transported by dry van carriers are on pallets or other shipping items used for off-loading. This type of trucking or carrier service is versatile in the terms of freight shipments for both local and over the road routes. Dry van trucking is also mainly used for transporting or shipping beverages, plastic products, textiles, and clothing items. The maximum length for a dry van truck is 53 feet and the hauling capacity can be up to 45,000 lbs or 26 standard pallets. Whether you are looking for a long haul or short haul, we can be at your service. When using Nyerhos Trucklines you can assure that you will receive an unrivaled level of customer service that execute timely deliveries with an open line of communication from our dispatch team. Our services are held to a strict standard when it comes to safety and insurance that are monitored constantly by a compliance team. If you are in the need for dry van trucking service in Atlanta GA, then Nyerhos Trucklines is a company that should be considered. Call us today to learn more at 844-581-(NTLS) 6857.